A BOOK : Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

B L O G M A S  D A Y 20


This is the book series that took my coworkers and I by storm for some odd reason this year!

I started it because I was craving a fast paranormal series and was asking my coworker for suggestions. She suggested this and paired with knowing my other coworker really likes this author I was like heck yea! Now that you have the back story that you probably don’t care about as to why I started to read this…

So Some Girls Bite is set in modern day Chicagoland area in a world where people know vampires exist and they kind of live together peacefully. Of course there is going to be TENSION because vampires need blood to survive and all, but for the most part everyone has their shit together and while the peace dynamics are on shaky ground, they are somewhat stabilized.

Now enter Merit, our main character. She’s living with her roommate happily going about life, whennnnn she is turned into a vampire. Without her permission. This is a big deal, because in this society you NEED a human’s permission to turn them, plus, Merit comes from a pretty fancy-pants family (however, she is not on good terms with them).

From there she is quickly introduced to the world of vampirism and all of the facets she never paid much attention to. As she is sinking into this world, there is still the mystery as to who turned her, as well as why she is… a little bit different than the other vampires.

It’s that difference that made me really like the series and also drove me a little bit nuts in the book. Because she is a little bit *too* special, you know? But it makes for an interesting story PLUS there is one facet about her that I’m REALLY curious about, that I don’t want to go into.

The series is a little bit sexy and a lot of fun and very much a good escapism read. At least this book! I’m not going to lie, I haven’t progressed much further into the rest of the series yet.

So if you’re looking for a good vampire series book to TAKE YOU AWAYYYYYYY try Some Girls Bite!


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

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I don’t know what I was expecting, but this book was completely not what I expected. I ended up REALLY liking it, mainly because I found the setting so interesting. It is set in a society where humans actually know vampires exist, and some humans even completely idolize them. Most of the vampires live in these things called Coldtowns where they throw lavish parties and live what seems like extraordinarily exotic lives. They have their own video channels and twitter feeds and everything. Humans live among them and they are able to do so because there is this delicate balance where there is only a finite number of people in the towns and as a result a finite amount of blood. Not all vampires live in these Coldtowns and as a result the average joe schmo is still in danger of vampire attacks if they make poor decisions. Of course, this story starts off in the aftermath of a poor decision.

The main character is this girl named Tana and you follow her as she tries to fix terrible things as a result has to deal with even MORE terrible things.

Some of the things I liked?

  • I said it above, but I will say it again. I just find the spin on vampires such a breathtakingly fresh take on them. The vampires are terrifying most of the time. The whole concept of them being worshiped by people who watch them through the tv and computer skills is so applicable to what happens today. That desire to be what you see on the screen not being realistic is such a big yet still subtle theme in this book.
  • Tana. Tana makes decisions that I wouldn’t, but I feel like they are completely realistic to her character. I also found a lot of her decisions to be admirable, even if they were not always the safest.
  • Because of the nature of the world, there is always something terrible that could happen and all throughout reading this I just wanted to know what would happen!
  • This is set in the United States, but they acknowledge how other countries handled the knowledge of vampires existing. Major plus, right there!

Overall? I advise to at least TRY this one whether you are a vampire fanatic or a non vampire fan. I read this a few weeks ago, and now that I am writing about it I want to reread it again. Its the kind of story that sticks with you.