Behold the Dreamers, Reign, Sleeping at Last

I’m on a tablet, so posting pictures takes a trillion years so I’ll just be doing text. Apologies!

I’m going to try a year of blogging. Possibly. Or at least a while of blogging. This time I’m broadening things up. While books will be my primary content source, I’ll also start bringing in some of the work I do around books as well as other snippets of life and enjoyment of “things”.

Starting up will be a little update on my reading, watching, and listening!

I am reading… Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. What a title!And how fitting of a title! I will be devoting an entire entry to this lovely book, but it covers SO much ground, is engaging, and I love it’s placement in time. Setting really plays a big part of the book, and I enjoy that. Also the audio is *fantastic*.

I am watching… Reign. My friend suggested it, and I have been eating my way through this. I love the soundtrack so much. And the clothing is SUPER interesting. It’s like they’ve thrown in more contemporary details with the older and the combination of everything works really well.

I am listening to… Sleeping at Last. They are doing this neat project of trying to encapture aspects of life via song. They are titling the collection Atlas. They are on Year Two of it right now, and I have been listening to that collection the most– I think Sorrow is one of my favorites so far. However, all of them have incredible lyrics.

“And I’ll run the risk
Of being intimate with brokenness
Through this magnifying glass I see a thousand finger prints
On the surfaces of who I am”
-Son, Sleeping at Last


Seasonal Reading

B L O G M A S   D A Y  2

Inspired by Browsing Bookshelves’s post, I wanted to share some of the holday-ish themed books and other artifacts I am looking forward to possibly reading/listening to this season.

First one is actually from her own list that peaked my interest:

Unholy Night
by Seth Grahame-Smith
From the author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith looks like a funny and funny read. It is a retelling of the Three Wise Men, but these men are THIEVES. It is more dark humor, so I am not going into this expecting warm fuzzies and joy, but it is always nice to balance all those happy hopeful books.
Comfort and Joy
by India Knight
I read somewhere that this is like Bridget Jones meets the holiday! As I quickly glanced through reviews it sounds like this is supposed to be super funny, which is definitely a bonus. Plus, I am pretty sure I have never read any holiday themed books that weren’t children books, so if I decide to read this one first I think this would be a nice transition where it’s not overly corny, but still has a holiday feel.

The Vanishing Season
by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This sounds more like a creepy haunting wintery January book rather than a twinkle light hot chocolate December read. The summary struck me as one of those books where you get lost in, because you just NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Plus, it is set during winter!

This is a collection of letters written by Tolkien sent to his children by Father Christmas. From the summaries it sounds like he went ALL OUT describing the North Pole and its various happenings, and I would love to see the life he has breathed into familiar stories.
This is a CD and I am currently listening to it as I type this up! I am very picky with my recreational holiday listening music, and usually prefer alternative rock takes on songs or covers by specific bands I like. This has plenty of artists I like, featuring: The Civil Wars, The Punch Brothers, The Head and the Heart, and FUN. So far I am liking it because it’s a good mix of traditional and non-traditional songs. It definitely shakes things up.

The Way of Shadows
By Brent Weeks

Okay, I realize this probably sticks out like a sour thumb. But, the reason why I ended up including this is 1- because I started the first chapter already a couple days ago and I want to keep reading it and 2- I don’t know why, but to me winter is the time I really crave getting lost in an elaborate fantasy world. This is one I’ve heard so many good things about, and can’t wait to let myself fall into it!



Maybe This Time
by Jennifer Crusie
This one is another outlier, as I am not sure how much it has to do with Christmas or other holidays. It is a bit of a stretch for me too in my personal reading tastes lately, but I wanted to find something with a more romantic emphasis. You have to have a little bit of romance in your holiday season! This also seems to have a more thilling/ghosty element, which fits in with the days getting darker faster.
My True Love Gave to Me
Edited by Stephanie Perkins

And finally, this beauty. I am so so so so so so so pumped to finally read this! I am next on the hold list, and can’t wait. I love the mix of authors, I love Stephanie Perkins, and I just absolutely adore that cover. EEK!





I am normally not one to read to the season, so I am kind of interested to see how reading some holiday themed books actually impacts how I relate to the current season. I am hoping it will inspire more live in the moment feelings. It’ll be like an experiment!

Happy reading everyone!

Halloween is Nigh

HEY! Halloween is almost upon us!! If you are one of those types of people who love to fully embrace the seasons and/or love to curl up with a good spooky book there are some fannnnntastic recommendations right…..


It is a list created by the Online Education Database titled: 
13 Horror Classics That Every Student Should Read

Cool, right? I love the mix of older classics like The Castle of Otranto, which is often considered the first of the gothic genre, to World War Z by Max Brooks. It looks like there is something for everyone!

AND. Frankenstein is on this list! That is totally one of my favorites.

Some other books that I might suggest (although they aren’t necessarily classics) for the Halloween season?

I actually haven’t read this one, but a customer at my workplace recommended this to me months and months ago. She and her husband said it was TERRIFYING. This will mix a little space with your scariness 🙂

I don’t think I ever talked about this book here, but GOSH. Rotters was awesome. It is SO SO SO gross. It’s about grave-robbers. Ummmm… great! There are a couple parts where I got anxious/freaked out, but mostly it was just kind of gross so it mostly relates to Halloween in the whole graveyard aspect. This is a super cool cover too!

This is a graphic novel about a girl who falls down a hole and comes across a SKELETON! And a ghost! Gasp! This had a good twist, and something I enjoyed reading over the summer!

This is another one I didn’t read, but I was in a class where a bunch of my classmates read this and loved it. Also, the copy I had? The type was printed in RED. Like BLOOD. Neat, huh?

I hope between the list and this post you find something good to sink your teeth in! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!