New episodes of Ask! Authors! Anything!

The new episode of Ask! Authors! Anything! came up earlier this week. I finally got around to watching/listening this morning. Megan McCafferty is interviewing Laurie Halse Anderson :

Check out Laurie Halse Anderson and Megan McCafferty on Goodreads!

I was lucky enough to have Speak be apart of my curriculum when I was a freshman in high school. That was my first introduction to Laurie Halse Anderson. It ended up being one of those books that just sort of took the air out of me, and I ended up reading it over and over that year. If you haven’t read anything by Laurie Halse Anderson I definitely suggest you do so. Also, check out the interview!


I did something.

So…. HI!

If you haven’t been able to tell- I made a video! (eeeek!) Am I going to make videos in the future? Who knows. But hello people! I now come in video format for about 3 minutes.

I am mainly talking about the giveaway I am doing! This is my first giveaway ever, so that is why it is ALL I AM EVER TALKING ABOUT.

So make sure you enter if you haven’t entered yet! The bare minimum that you have to do is comment on the entry linked HERE and make sure your comment at least includes your email address. Not a lot of people have entered it, so your chances for winning? Are super high!


(ps- my book club is meeting this weekend, and we are discussing The Fault in Our Stars! I might post notes or comments if anything is particularly noteworthy or commentary in our discussion.)