Great Books

I particularly liked this question Kristin Cashore answered in a Q&A over at The New York Times:

What makes a great young adult book — as opposed to a great book for full-fledged adults? 

The fact that at the moment the distinction is being made, a young adult, as opposed to an adult, is the one reading it. In other words, I don’t entirely believe in the distinction. A great book is a great book, and it’s impossible to say what part of a person is going to connect to it. Age and experience aren’t always among the most relevant factors.

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Just Another Manic Monday

I love music.  Music speaks to me a lot like books do– I’ll find that song (or book) that touches me and I’ll read or listen to it again and again until it’s imprinted on my heart forever.  Because of this, I’ve decided every Monday to post a song that either currently is my heart song or has been in the past.  This series is named after The Bangles song “Manic Monday” (The Relient K version is fun too!).

This week’s song is by an artist I’ve come to love: Jeff Pianki.  I have fallen in love with his music.  His lyrics are so honest and his voice is incredible.  He’ll throw out a lyric at least in every song that will make me stop and think about it.  Or the entire song will be like that.

If I Had My Way, Jeff Pianki

[it might take a little bit too load– but it’s worth it!!]

I’m tired of the sounds of talking too loud
of walls and of windows which always surround
of feeling my feet attached to this ground
if I had my way I would just have you ’round.

I’m tired of trudging through cities and towns
the soles of my sneakers won’t stop wearing down
If love is so simple then where are you now?
If I had my way I would just have you ’round
If I had my way I would just have you ’round

I’m stubborn and sick of these simple solutions
of wondering what isn’t right
of not knowing whether I’m winning or losing
I’ll always be wondering why…?

I’m tired of spotting these shapes in the clouds
of romantic movies
of laughing out loud
of feeling alone when I’m stuck in the crowd
if I had my way I would just have you ’round
if I had my way I would just have you ’round
if I had my way I would just have you ’round.

More lyrics I love from Jeff Pianki from other songs:

“You wake up one day and don’t recognize your face
when home is a place that feels so far away
I felt like I lost myself, I just lost my place.”

“so hard to love when you hate to let things go
and your dream will remind you only have so much control”

“It’s been ten years
And I’ve got my new set of scars
From broken hearts and broken arms
From chasing after where you are

I’ve cried a couple tears
Been taking everything too far”

“So who’s gonna love you now
That gravity brought you down”

“Now my brain doesn’t work,
’cause I gave it to you and my thoughts are all lost
and my head’s been unscrewed”

“Love will surround you my dear
In the autumn or spring
In New York or here
No matter how cold or distant some days may appear
Just know love is all around you my dear”

“Old habits die hard or never do
Keep lying ’till they all catch up to you”

“Last night I could not sleep
I thought about what you said to me
How memories are hollow seeds
Planting paper window dreams”

“Everyone I’ve ever met
Has felt something I haven’t yet
A cause, a cure, a deep regret
A face, a fear they can’t forget”

You can listen to more of his music at and download it for whatever price you want.

It’s Friday I’m in Book Love (1)

I’m starting a new thing based off of The Cure’s song “Friday I’m in Love” where every Friday I share something I love about books, whether it be a quote or something I just love about books and writing (or both!).  Feel free to pitch in with things you love!


“Anna Arkadyevna read and understood; but it was distasteful to her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other people’s lives. She had too great desire to live herself. If she read that the heroine of the novel was nursing a sick man, she longed to move with noiseless steps about the room of a sick man; if she read of a member of Parliament making a speech, she longed to be delivering the speech; if she read of how Lady Mary had ridden after the hounds, and had provoked her sister-in-law and had surprised every one by her boldness, she too wished to be doing the same. But there was no chance of doing anything”

Anna Karenina

I love it when you’re reading and then you realize, “that’s me.  I feel/act/think the exact same way and hope/dream of the same exact things.”  Back when I read Anna Karenina I read the above I remember being taken slightly aback- you mean, someone feels that way too?? It’s always wonderful when you find those thoughts you’ve never really aired before echoed from a source you weren’t expecting it to come from.

Books have such a fantastic power to them.  They have the ability to enchant, woo, sway, absorb, enlighten… I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir here if you’re reading my blog (what with the name of it and whatnot), but man.  Sometimes I just feel so lucky.  I’m so grateful for so many talented writers and I’m so grateful for being in a position with an incredible amount of access to such writers.

Man, it’s Friday and I’m in love:).