MUSIC: What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress by Sara Bareilles

Sugar, Butter, Flour…

Lately I’ve been living and breathing the Waitress soundtrack.

“What a mess I’m making.”

“I don’t know what I wish I had, but there’s no time now for thinking things like that I’ve got too much to do. We’ve got too much to do.”

The movie Waitress came to me at a crucial moment in life. The power of choosing something bigger than what’s in front of you– doing work that makes it feel like your entire life source is being sucked out of you (I’m being dramatic, I know :D)– daring to hope, but trying not to dare too hard– it was just one of those movies that hit me at the exact right time. Plus it has Nathan Fillion in it.

“I’m no good in the outside world because I feel too much and find it usually hurts.”

“I was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong.”

And right around that time I also fell in love with Sara Bareilles. There are just some singers that hold you together, and yet also tear you apart because they are singing all your unspoken fears and hopes and troubles out loud. There are some singers that help you breathe and help you dance. If you couldn’t tell, she is *definitely* one of those singers for me.

“And now I’m heavy, unsteady, but maybe I’m getting ready. This might catch fire, and char this ground. I might lift this up to only be the one who’s gonna get let down. Will I be enough to get this on its way to find some higher ground? Before the waters rush I’ve got to make a change or else I know I’ll drown. Baby look around. Door number two, I’ve already walked through. I wanna see what’s behind door number three.”

And now it’s 2015, and guess who wrote a Broadway musical and released the soundtrack of it singing a bunch of songs from the musical and guess who did a fantastic job with it and guess which musical she chose to write and if you haven’t guessed by now, well, get on it because I’m about to spill the already spilled beans. Sara Bareilles wrote Waitress as a musical, which will start showing late winter/early spring on Broadway.

“How am I supposed to operate, if I’m just tossed around by fate? Like on an unexpected date? The stranger who might talk too fast, or ask me questions about myself, before I’ve decided that, he can ask me questions about myself. He might sit too close or call the waiter by his first name, or eat Oreos, but eat the cookie before the cream?”

But what scares me the most, what scares me the most, Is what if when he sees me, what if he doesn’t like it? What if he runs the other way and I can’t hide from it? What happens then? If when he knows me, he’s only disappointed? What if I give myself away, to only get it given back? I couldn’t live with that.”

“He could be less than kind.
Or even worse he could be very nice, have lovely eyes.
And make me laugh, come out of hiding.
What do I do with that?
Oh, God.”

The album captures the essence of the movie and the main character. It’s upbeat and fun, but also SO heartfelt and provides so many gut punches. I’m not even sure how to describe it. I’m not really a musical person, to be honest and the songs I do like from musicals are generally the ballads or don’t have that… musical feel to it. I don’t know how to explain it. And some of these songs do have that sort of feel where you can see a bunch of people singing them and dancing to them, and others just sound like they could be on any old CD. It’s like this great mix.

“But dreams are elusive. the kind we’ve gotten used to is nothing I can feel, nothing I can hold, nothing I can have, nothing that I know. Dreams come and they go. …. but dreams are a soft place to land.”

“Heart, stop racing. Let’s face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad. Mind, stop running. It’s time we just let this thing go, it was a pretty good bad idea, wasn’t it though?”

One thing I love about the movie is the main character is obsessed with making pies and she matches it to what is happening in her life. The theme carries through the songs as well– the words sugar, butter, and flour becoming a thread that keeps popping up in various songs at different points of the album. ALSO JASON MRAZ SINGS WITH SARA ON TWO OF THE SONGS. So that’s kind of neat :).

“Everything changes
My heart’s at the wheel now
And all my mistakes
They make sense when I turn them around
Everything changes
What I thought was so permanent fades
And I swear I’ll remember to say we were both born today.”

I didn’t share any of the lyrics from this one, but go listen to She Used to Be Mine. It’s a ballad that just knocks you off your feet.

I don’t know how or why this ended up being a little love entry to Waitress and What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress and Sara Bareilles. I feel like this album has been seeping through my pours, and well, it’s made it’s way onto this little internet space.

“It’s addictive the minute you let yourself think,
the things that you say might matter to someone.

All of this time I’ve been keeping my mind on the running away,
and for the first time I think I’d consider the stay.”

So I hope by the end of this you’re listening to some of these songs, because they are just great. And fingers crossed I get to see the musical one day. 🙂

“My blurry lines, my messy life
Come into focus in a tied, maybe.
I can heal and I can breathe
‘Cause I can feel myself believe”


SOME MUSIC : Talking is Hard by Walk the Moon

B L O G M A S   D A Y   11

Talking is Hard is Walk the Moon’s second full album after their self-titled release in 2012. Throwing together 80’s pop with today’s indie rock, the band (formed in Ohio- Midwest for the win!) has created this album of just pure awesomeness. As a big fan of their first album, I had high hopes and man. Those high hopes were met for me!

I am just going to go track by track.

1. Different Colors– this opening song pretty much exemplifies what the entire album will be. It has that expansive opening song feel, the beat is upbeat, calm, but sure. They pretty much tell their mission for the rest of the album.

“We keep cranking the music up
Driving through our towns
But they don’t want to hear
They want us to turn it down
So come on lovers, come on haters
Tonight we raise the fire
Cause when the people get to dancing
They forget about taking sides”

2. Sidekick– THIS IS MY FAVORITE. It has a lot of words thrown into the song and has a fun play on the word “do” (d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do you wanna be my sidekick?). Plus, I find oversimplificatication of really big things pretty much the best thing ever. Not do you want to be my girlfriend or possibly fall in love with me, but do you want to be my sidekick?

3. Shut Up and Dance– Two words sums this song up: Discotheque Juliet!

4. Up 2 U– Starts off pretty smooth and nice sounding, but this turns out to have more rockish elements rather than straight pop.

5. Avalanche– This has one of my favorite follow through with a song lyric. It’s just fun to sing. “One glance and the avalanche (pause- low voice) drops. One look and my heart beat (pause) stops.”

6. Portugal– This song is a little more synthesizer-y and it has more of a summer feel.

7. Down in the Dumps– Definitely more of an 80’s song, and has a really cool background sound that starts like about 30 seconds in. It has another lyric I really love: “Scared of heights like I’m scared of falling in love.”

8. Work This Body– Another song with a whole bunch of lyrics smooshed in=I AM HAPPY. This has a very fun melody to it and is very inspiring! Definitely a good one to sing to in the car.

9. Spend Your $$$– This has more of an industrial sound to it and because of that it feels a little separate than the other songs. It has a lot of the same characteristics- upbeat sound, catchy chorus, and vocals going up and down. This is also one of the songs that doesn’t really reference relationship/friendships.

10. We Are the Kids– This track sounds more like an anthem of a generation. “We take that old school fashion, shape it into something new.”

11. Come Under the Covers– A song for the end of the summer, this is more of a luurrrrrvvvveeeee  song if you can’t tell by the title 😉

12. Aquaman– is pretty much pure 80’s. When I am driving and listening to it I have to work hard to keep my hands on the wheel and not start swaying back and forth and snapping my fingers. It is a smooooooth song. Pretty much the calmest on the album.

Last minute album thoughts:

Talking is Hard is similar, yet soooo different from their first album. I love that they are exploring and growing musically to different things, yet it appears to be very organic.

-The songs themselves are pretty different from each other, yet again they have a cohesive sound to them.

-All of the songs totally promote some sort of dancing around.

-There are threads of positivity sewn into pretty much every. song.

-If you ever have the opportunity to see them, DO IT. You will be in for a fun positive show.

-The lyric booklet features handwritten song lyrics and a ton of fun doodles.

If you decide to listen to them (or already do), let me know! I would love to know what you think!

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