A BOOK : Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

It’s Friday and you know what you should read this weekend?


Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel
by Sara Farizan

Here’s why:

  • You have first love + confusing crushes
  • You have a funny and interesting main character, Leila, who narrates the trials of high school. She is absolutely adorable and super smart.
  • Even though it’s 304 pages the pages are shorter, so this reads quickly. Perfect to finish in a weekend!
  • Along with romance it has some pretty awesome friendship and familial story lines.
  • It has a perspective that I haven’t ever read from– an Iranian-American girl who is still in the closet– which was super refreshing- especially when it came to Leila sharing her experiences at school and her fears with her sexuality.
  • It’s funny! And wonderfully awkward in all of the real life ways.

This came into my life after listening to episode 8 [“Why Are Samosas in Every Book”] on the podcast See Something, Say Something. Check out the episode! It’s good :).



Behold the Dreamers, Reign, Sleeping at Last

I’m on a tablet, so posting pictures takes a trillion years so I’ll just be doing text. Apologies!

I’m going to try a year of blogging. Possibly. Or at least a while of blogging. This time I’m broadening things up. While books will be my primary content source, I’ll also start bringing in some of the work I do around books as well as other snippets of life and enjoyment of “things”.

Starting up will be a little update on my reading, watching, and listening!

I am reading… Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. What a title!And how fitting of a title! I will be devoting an entire entry to this lovely book, but it covers SO much ground, is engaging, and I love it’s placement in time. Setting really plays a big part of the book, and I enjoy that. Also the audio is *fantastic*.

I am watching… Reign. My friend suggested it, and I have been eating my way through this. I love the soundtrack so much. And the clothing is SUPER interesting. It’s like they’ve thrown in more contemporary details with the older and the combination of everything works really well.

I am listening to… Sleeping at Last. They are doing this neat project of trying to encapture aspects of life via song. They are titling the collection Atlas. They are on Year Two of it right now, and I have been listening to that collection the most– I think Sorrow is one of my favorites so far. However, all of them have incredible lyrics.

“And I’ll run the risk
Of being intimate with brokenness
Through this magnifying glass I see a thousand finger prints
On the surfaces of who I am”
-Son, Sleeping at Last

Do You Bullet Journal?

I don’t. But I want to. Soooooooooo badly.

Oh yea, happy….

B L O G M A S   D A Y  16 !


Okay, so bullet journaling. It’s this method of organizing your life in a notebook, and you have complete control over how it’s set up and what you keep track of. It also looks really useful in maintaining your life and actually getting things done.


Except you don’t have to do it the way the officially man says you should do it… you can do it HOWEVER YOU WANT TO.

If you have a spare 30 minutes and you find watching people share their journals/planners online, this is my FAVORITE video ever:

I am about to say the word you a lot. Know that in this instance, when I say YOU I really mean ME ;).

Her flip through just gives you so many ideas and so many ways to actually keep track of your life. I like how she had looking at her budget on her habit tracker. Actually, I love that you can SEE her habit tracker!! She shares that with you!! And her goals!!! You can see it and get ideas for YOUR life too! And her doodles are super cute and she has really great handwriting and man.

I just wish I had the commitment to actually follow through with this. I tried to bullet journal a little bit ago– and it just flopped. Part of it is because I always decide I NEED to bullet journal in life right while I’m in the middle of TOO MANY THINGS TO DO so I don’t spend enough time prepping ahead of time. Also my desire for it needing to look PERFECT flares up, so then I start to not want to write anything in fear of making it messy. Or. I pre-write things in a separate notebook, and then copy it down into the notebook after, so it takes forever because I have to write everything down twice. haha.

So maybe I will start again. If I do I’ll update you all. Or maybe I won’t and I will be scouring bullet journalists on their websites, youtube channels, and intagram feeds.


Christmas Decorations

B L O G M A S   D A Y    5

So I’m still working on decorating for Christmas with my roommate, but I wanted to show some of what we have so far. She has done some more art on the walls, but since she’s not around at the moment for me to ask her if it’s okay to share it, I’m limiting myself to the vase she did and then just sharing some of what I put off.

To start off- this vase!


We have it on our kitchen table and I love it. Instructions:

Materials: empty paper towel cardboard tube, coffee beans, a clear vase and fake flowers.

All you do is cut the paper towel cardboard tube to the height you want it to be so it doesn’t stick out on the top, put the flower stems in the tube, place it in the vase, and then put the coffee beans in around it. You could also put the coffee beans in first if you wanted to and just force the tube and flowers in the center.

It’s super easy and a cute idea! For Halloween my roommate got different fake flowers and put candy corn in the vase instead. She’s crafty. 🙂

Okay, so these are some tiny little snowmen I got from my mom. I wanted you to see the perspective of how tiny they are. They’re adorable!


And a close up…


Look at those happy smiling faces!!! And the super tiny one is so cute with the humongous mittens. Unfortunately I have no idea where she got them from to be of help.

Next is also from my mom. My mom always used to build these elaborate villages when I was younger, which I LOVED. I always would make up little stories and just be a pest and play with them. She no longer does them, so she let my sister and I take some. I ended up just taking a few odds and ends–


I took one of the houses and then a little shop. Because I love the people, I ended up taking more of them then I needed– a mother and daughter walking, a newspaper boy, a snowball thrower, a man bringing home a tree, a person on a bench, and the two sledding people.

The downside is I’m using my record player as the little plot of land for this town, so no Jerry Vale for the month, but the good news is it’s just darling.

Finally… the tree!

IMG_20151205_214951256 (1)

It’s a hand-me-down tree and my roommate will probably be adding more decorations on it, but it’s at least bloggable. Right now I’m using a table cloth as a temporary tree skirt until we buy a new one. Then the table skirt is going to more to the table next to it where I have like a mantle set up to my sister’s cat for some reason- haha. It’s just a framed picture of her (we cat sat previously for her) and a candle.

There are more odds and ends I want to do– I keep meaning to put up a string of lights in my room, so maybe that will happen later on too.

I tried my hardest to build a book tree, but it most definitely did not work. Fun fact. I learned I have 47 green books. Wow. haha

Currently Watching/Listening/Reading:

B L O G M A S    D A Y   7

I am really excited right now about the balance I have going on in what I have been reading, watching, and listening to, so I thought for today I would share what I am currently enjoying. It is a good mix of different feels. I have definitely not been bored recently!


The Office (U.S.). The show has ended, and I still haven’t seen the last season, so I have been making my way through. I always forget how funny this show is until I am watching it.

Sprinkle of Glitter’s Vlogmas videos. While there are many YouTube channels I like to watch, I have particularly been enjoying Louise’s daily vlogs for Vlogmas! They have just been very laid back and chill.


Talking is Hard by Walk the Moon. This is their second album and it came out this last week. It has a touch of the 80s to it and is a lot of fun! My favorite song is “Sidekick” with “Work This Body” coming up as a close second. I also just went to a concert of theirs, and it was funnntastic.

(Actively) Reading:

Corregidora by Gayl Jones. I read this in college and it tore me apart emotionally. I have been craving it since, so I thought I would pick it up! I will definitely be writing a blog post about it once I am finished re-reading.

Save the Date by  Mary Kay Andrews. I am using my phone to borrow this as an audiobook from my library using the Overdrive app. The main character is a florist, which I find interesting to listen to!

I am wishing everyone a week filled with books or music or movies or whatever to get super excited about!

On Listening and Stories

B L O G M A S   D A Y   5

In United States news, this week brought the verdict that the police officer Daniel Pantaleo will not be indicted for using a choke-hold on Eric Gardner, an unarmed non-violent black man, and killing him. This is right after the similar news that police officer Darren Wilson will also not be indicted for killing Michael Brown, an unarmed black man. Something about me continuing to merrily post on my way has really been weighing on my mind, so today’s Blogmas post is going to be a lot more harrowing and somber than normal.

I’ve thought about where my role and voice fits in in this situation, and truthfully? My voice doesn’t really fit in this. I am a white baby-faced woman who cannot even begin to understand how it feels to not be a white baby-faced woman and not treated as such.

But what is my role, especially here at Jenny Likes Books where I spend a lot of time talking about things I like and/or I think other people might like? It is to continue what I am doing: reading a lot and talking about what I read.


I need to be more expansive in my reading.

Reading is important for a WHOLE bunch of reasons, but one of these reasons is that reading gives people an avenue to see life from a different perspective. The problem I find with MY reading though, is I unintentionally tend to gravitate toward just white, younger woman writers in America. Guess who I am? A white younger woman in America. As a whole, the experiences I live and the experiences I read originate from a very narrow frame of reference.

Through social media, talks with a friend, and branching out a TEENY bit more with my reading, I feel like this year I have grown to understand just *how much* my interpretations of the world and the life around me is based upon my own experiences. I’ve known this on a surface level, but this understanding is finally starting to seep into every part of me. What a limited view of the world. What a limited understanding of the people around me. What a limited understanding of social issues and just daily life. I am not comfortable with that. I am not comfortable with that at all.

So right now? What can I do? I can’t change who I am, but I can read. I can listen. I can seek out stories different than mine.

For the rest of this post, I wanted to share a few of the twitter feeds/tumblrs/blogs that I have been reading the last few months. This is by no means meant to be some sort of exhaustive where to get your information from or who to follow list. These are just a few individuals in a very large conversation voicing their experiences and shining light on other people’s experiences.

Franchesca Ramsey’s Blog

Ryan Reilly’s Twitter

Atane Ofiaja’s Tumblr 

Shaun King’s Twitter

Antonio French’s Twitter

Zeba Blay’s Twitter


So I have trepidly but fullheartedly finally decided to join in on the #24in48 readathon hosted by Rachel Manwill. You can read more about it HERE but essentially you read 24 hours in a 48 hour time period! I am soooooo behind in my reading and I am hoping this will satisfy that desire to just sink away into books and also my nerves of “falling behind” (whatever that means!).

So my proposed list:


This very well might change, but I am going for things I already own or have checked out from the library already.

I also have been craving poetry for some reason, so I stuck some Louise Gluck in there. Oh my goodness, I am excited.

I don’t know how I am going to be updating things but I may be using my twitter and/or instagram.

Happy reading to those choosing to participate or not choosing to!

*note- I am posting this from my phone for the first time, so apologies if this post ends up being all wonky. New adventures!  Haha