The Basics:
I like books, so I’ve decided to write about them!  Simple as that. I am twenty-something and just recently received my Masters in Library and Information Science as well as my Professional Educator’s License with an emphasis in Library Science. Currently I spend my days working at a bookstore bouncing around (hurrah!) and filling the rest of the time with various pursuits.

I Tend to Read:
-a smattering of young adult literature and adult literature
-some fantasy
-inspirational and motivational stories
-heart wrenching stories– the more I cry the happier I am:)
-I am on the look out for a particular type of “new adult” or books featuring twenty-something year-olds. I am not into the heavy romance books, so this is proving more difficult than I thought, but it is a fun and worthwhile pursuit.

This Blog:
-My content revolves mostly around something I’ve read recently that I want to write about
-My posts are set up to show my own personal opinion.  I work hard to stay truthful to what I really feel and yet make sure no book is discounted. While I may mention specific things in the book I don’t like, my goal is to connect the book with its own reader regardless of whether or not I like it.
-Is updated sporadically!
-Topics may also vary.

If you have any reading suggestions or regular suggestions, please let me know!

If you would like to get in touch, drop me a message at jennyandthings(at)gmail(dot)com


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