Behold the Dreamers, Reign, Sleeping at Last

I’m on a tablet, so posting pictures takes a trillion years so I’ll just be doing text. Apologies!

I’m going to try a year of blogging. Possibly. Or at least a while of blogging. This time I’m broadening things up. While books will be my primary content source, I’ll also start bringing in some of the work I do around books as well as other snippets of life and enjoyment of “things”.

Starting up will be a little update on my reading, watching, and listening!

I am reading… Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. What a title!And how fitting of a title! I will be devoting an entire entry to this lovely book, but it covers SO much ground, is engaging, and I love it’s placement in time. Setting really plays a big part of the book, and I enjoy that. Also the audio is *fantastic*.

I am watching… Reign. My friend suggested it, and I have been eating my way through this. I love the soundtrack so much. And the clothing is SUPER interesting. It’s like they’ve thrown in more contemporary details with the older and the combination of everything works really well.

I am listening to… Sleeping at Last. They are doing this neat project of trying to encapture aspects of life via song. They are titling the collection Atlas. They are on Year Two of it right now, and I have been listening to that collection the most– I think Sorrow is one of my favorites so far. However, all of them have incredible lyrics.

“And I’ll run the risk
Of being intimate with brokenness
Through this magnifying glass I see a thousand finger prints
On the surfaces of who I am”
-Son, Sleeping at Last


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