Halloween is Nigh

HEY! Halloween is almost upon us!! If you are one of those types of people who love to fully embrace the seasons and/or love to curl up with a good spooky book there are some fannnnntastic recommendations right…..


It is a list created by the Online Education Database titled: 
13 Horror Classics That Every Student Should Read

Cool, right? I love the mix of older classics like The Castle of Otranto, which is often considered the first of the gothic genre, to World War Z by Max Brooks. It looks like there is something for everyone!

AND. Frankenstein is on this list! That is totally one of my favorites.

Some other books that I might suggest (although they aren’t necessarily classics) for the Halloween season?

I actually haven’t read this one, but a customer at my workplace recommended this to me months and months ago. She and her husband said it was TERRIFYING. This will mix a little space with your scariness 🙂

I don’t think I ever talked about this book here, but GOSH. Rotters was awesome. It is SO SO SO gross. It’s about grave-robbers. Ummmm… great! There are a couple parts where I got anxious/freaked out, but mostly it was just kind of gross so it mostly relates to Halloween in the whole graveyard aspect. This is a super cool cover too!

This is a graphic novel about a girl who falls down a hole and comes across a SKELETON! And a ghost! Gasp! This had a good twist, and something I enjoyed reading over the summer!

This is another one I didn’t read, but I was in a class where a bunch of my classmates read this and loved it. Also, the copy I had? The type was printed in RED. Like BLOOD. Neat, huh?

I hope between the list and this post you find something good to sink your teeth in! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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